Covid-19 Tracker for Pak Government

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Project Description

Detecting and isolating¬†COVID-19¬†cases is a priority to slow down the¬†spread of the pandemic. Specifically, the WHO has reiterated¬† that, besides¬†finding, testing, isolating, and treating¬†every positive case of COVID-19, it is vital to “trace all contacts” of individual positives with other people in order to curtail virus spread rates. This AI technology offers a powerful tool to facilitate this task through ‘apps’ that collect user data. The cases of cities such as Lahore have clearly illustrated how effective they can at the time¬†of identifying and¬†notifying citizens that may come into contact with infected individuals. However, in cities like Karachi, for the time being, models use more limited data.

So we made a whole country wise design to pick up the data from different sources and update it on the website in order to spread COVID 19 awareness throughout the country of how affective it can be and which precations you can follow to prevent it.

Project Details